Forthcoming  Miller, T. Caring for Our Plant Children: Sensory Ethnobotany in the Brazilian Cerrado. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

refereed Journal Articles

2016 Miller, T. Living Lists: How the Indigenous Canela Come to Know Plants Through Ethnobotanical Classification. Journal of Ethnobiology 36(1):105-124.

2016 Daly, L., K. French, T. Miller, L. Nic Eoin. Introduction: Integrating Ontology into Ethnobotanical Research. Journal of Ethnobiology 36(1):1-9.

2015  Miller, T. Valuing Varietal Diversity: Indigenous Canela Horticulture in Northeast Brazil. Society, Biology and Human Affairs 78 (1 & 2): 62-82.

2012  Miller, T. Growing Gardens: Towards a Theory of Ecological Aesthetic Performances in Indigenous Amazonia. Enfoques, Revista dos Alunos do PPGSA-Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 12(1):92-113.

Book Reviews

Miller, T. 2014. Book review of Seeds of Resistance, Seeds of Hope: Place and Agency in the Conservation of Biodiversity, edited by Virginia D. Nazarea, Robert E. Rhodes, and Jenna E. Andrews-Swann. CAFÉ: Culture, Agriculture, Food & Environment 36(1):56-58.

Miller, T. 2013. Book review of Islands in the Rainforest: Landscape Management in Pre-Columbian Amazonia by Stéphen Rostain. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 28(2):234-239.

web-based publications

2012  Miller, T. Ecological Ethics within the Ramkokamekra-Canela Indigenous Community of Northeast Brazil. UNESCO Ethics and Climate Change Project, Working Group 2: Ethical World Views of Nature, Latin America Section.

2011  Miller, T. Maize as Material Culture?: Amazonian Theories of Persons and Things. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (JASO) 3(1-2):67-89.

Dissertation & thesis

2015  Miller, T. Bio-Sociocultural Aesthetics: Indigenous Ramkokamekra-Canela Gardening Practices and Varietal Diversity in Maranhão, Brazil. Doctoral Dissertation. Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford: Oxford, United Kingdom.

2010  Miller, T. The Aesthetics of Environment: An Exploration of Indigenous Maize Cultivation and Biocultural Diversity in Central Brazil. MPhil Thesis. Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford: Oxford, United Kingdom.

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