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Oxford Institute of Social & Cultural Anthropology DPhil Students

Twitter: @TLSawmill


additional resources

A list of some of my favorite academic blogs & websites (in alphabetical order):

Aesop’s Anthropology: blog maintained by John Hartigan, University of Texas-Austin, on “theorizing culture across species lines.” Companion to his recent book, Aesop’s Anthropology: A Multispecies Approach (2015), University of Minnesota Press.

Macro-Jê Linguistics: features linguistic research on past and present Jê-speaking peoples in South America by Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro, another Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellow at the NMNH.

Material World: discussion and research on material and visual culture, edited by UCL anthropologists and other academics worldwide. Defined as a “global hub for thinking about things.”

Savage Minds: anthropological musings on all sorts of relevant topics



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