Current Research

Postdoctoral research

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

As a Peter Buck postdoctoral fellow, I am conducting archival research in the Anthropology and Botany departments at the NMNH to further my research on indigenous Canela historical and modern-day gardening practices, ethnobotanical classification, and biodiversity maintenance. I am interested in the relationships indigenous gardeners form with their crops throughout the life courses of both people and plants. I am working within the Recovering Voices Program, which focuses on sustaining and revitalizing indigenous languages and knowledge throughout the world.


Engagement blog – of the AAA anthropology & environment section

The Engagement Blog is a forum for anthropological research on the environment. In 2015-2016, we have published interviews with authors of recently-published environmental anthropology books and a number of thematic series on: Multispecies Anthropology, The Nature of Infrastructure, Anthropology and Climate Change, and Museums and Ecology. Currently we are publishing a new series on Settler Colonialism.

Contributing editor

Anthropology & environment section of anthropology news

The Anthropology News section includes research posts and interviews with section members and affiliates.

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